Introducing the Atomic Blocks Plugin and Theme

Howdy traveler! My name is Mike McAlister and I run Array Themes, a WordPress theme shop known for crafting pixel-perfect WordPress themes for creative professionals, writers, businesses, and more…. Source:


A new editing experience for WordPress is in the works, with the goal of making it easier than ever to make your words, pictures, and layout look just right — without the use of code…. Source:


This repoository contains examples of Gutenberg Extensibility Patterns. It’s organized as a WordPress plugin you can install and activate to play with the different patterns exposed. It’s composed of a sequential list of patterns you can enable one by one. Each pattern is organized like this:… Source:

Styling Themes for Gutenberg

At the Automattic Theme Team meetup in December, we focused on several Gutenberg-related projects. The first one we’re sharing is a set of Gutenberg-friendly themes based on Underscores…. Source:

WordPress and Shadow Taxonomies

WordPress is well-known for its ability to extend to support custom content in the form of custom post types. WordPress is also well-known for its inability to build relationships between post types, custom or otherwise…. Source:

WordPress + PWA’s = ? (Chrome Dev Summit 2017)

About 50% of sites in the web are powered by Content Management Systems, and that trend is growing. Integrating Progressive Technologies into the workflow of platforms such as WordPress and other CMSes is of paramount importance for ensuring that users get an awesome experience in these environments… Source:

What is PHP Output Buffering?

tl;dr: Output buffering is a way to tell PHP to hold some data before it is sent to the browser. Then you can retrieve the data and put it in a variable, manipulate it, and send it to the browser once you’re finished…. Source:

How to Create a Wiki with WordPress

The word wiki has come a long way from when it was best known as the opening lyric to a ‘90s Will Smith song. Outside of the wild, wild west, a wiki is a collaborative knowledge base, an encyclopedia of curated, cited, and cross-referenced information…. Source: