How to build SPA with Vue.js

Single-page applications have many advantages — speed, really good UX, and, as for developing for Drupal, the full control over the markup. There is an increasing number of sites using SPA; there are more and more tools that simplify the process of developing complex SPA…. Source:

Testing vue-apollo Components with Jest

Recently I’ve been working on some tests for Vue single-file components with vue-apollo queries and mutations. Unfortunately, there are not so many guides on the topic so I decided to share my experience…. Source:

In-Depth VuePress Tutorial: Vue-Powered Docs & Blog

We’re very excited to sponsor **VueConf TO 2018** Come hang out and learn some Vue.js with world-class developers (Nov. 15-16). In a rush? Skip to technical tutorial or live demo. Have you ever skimmed through the Vue…. Source:

Using Vue.js with Parcel.js Tutorial

Vue.js is ever growing in popularity and even though it has a strong CLI that allows you to kick start projects, you can use other bundlers like the Parcel bundler. The Parcel bundler excells at simplicity and only requires and entry file like index…. Source:

The Best Explanation of JavaScript Reactivity ?

Many front-end JavaScript frameworks (Ex. Angular, React, and Vue) have their own Reactivity engines. By understanding what reactivity is and how it works, you can improve your development skills and more effectively use JavaScript frameworks…. Source: