Try This Gmail Filter to Rope Off Mailing Lists and Newsletters

While lots of newsletters and mailing lists fall into the “spam” category, sometimes you want to read them but don’t want them cluttering up your inbox. Filter them out in Gmail by including these oft-used phrases. This is my Gmail filter for catching newsletters and mailing lists…. Source:

The 10 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For

The Lifehacker staff sifts through a ton of apps on a regular basis, but a few have stuck with us over the years. Some apps are simply nice to have, while others have become essential in our daily lives…. Source:

RSS: there’s nothing better

“That sounds great! Then half of my subscribers will see half of my updates, during weeks in which Zuckerberg chooses to weigh the algorithms more towards news and less towards friends’ photos. Also everyone has to have a Facebook account.”… Source:

Set Up Automatic Texts and Avoid Fights Using IFTTT

When we rounded up our staff’s Weekly Upgrades last Friday, our editors were clearing out media clutter (goodbye, six-month-old New Yorker issues), weaning our Instagram addictions, and discovering the joys of white noise machines…. Source:

Here’s everything Google announced today

Google held a press conference today in San Francisco, where the company announced everything from new phones to crazy machine learning-powered wearable cameras. It was a flurry of news…. Source: