react-imgpro is a image processing component for React. This component process an image with filters supplied as props and returns a base64 image. I was working on a project last month which involved a lot of image processing and I’d to rely on third party libraries…. Source:

Bookshop With React & Redux II: Async Requests With Thunks

JavaScript is the language on fire. Build an app for any platform you want including website, server, mobile, and desktop. Previously, we got ourselves started with React with Redux fundamentals and touched all the core concepts of Redux including Actions, Reducers and Stores…. Source:

All About React Router 4

I met Michael Jackson for the first time at React Rally 2016, soon after writing an article on React Router 3. Michael is one of the principal authors of React Router along with Ryan Florence. It was exciting to meet someone who built a tool I liked so much, but I was shocked when he […]

What’s New in Create React App – React Blog

Less than a year ago, we introduced Create React App as an officially supported way to create apps with zero configuration. The project has since enjoyed tremendous growth, with over 950 commits by more than 250 contributors. Source: What’s New in Create React App – React Blog