Introduction to Bulma with React

I’ll come out and say it, I’m still a fan of Bootstrap. With that, I’m not oblivious to the many alternatives that are floating around out there. One of the more inspired CSS frameworks I have come across recently is Bulma…. Source:

Build a Simple Web App with Express, React and GraphQL

GraphQL and React have both become quite popular in the last few years, and it’s safe to say they go together like avocado and toast. A GraphQL server can be written in Node and lets you easily create a flexible API using JavaScript classes and functions…. Source:

React & Redux Tutorial – Build a Hacker News Clone

Build a production React project using Redux and Styled Components. Deploy the app using GitHub pages. This is a step-by-step solution for the gitconnected Hacktoberfest project. In this tutorial, we are going to build a production-quality Hacker News clone…. Source:

Let’s start building JavaScript plugins for WordPress

With Gutenberg, we made the choice to use JavaScript heavily in order build the UI of the editor, not because we’re nerdy hipsters but essentially because it is the perfect fit to address the UI and UX challenges of a heavily interactive interface in the browser…. Source:


React StaticReact. Enough said. Blazing fast performance. Data Agnostic. Feed your site data from anywhere, however you want. React-first developer experience Painless project setup & migration Supports 99.9% of the React ecosystem…. Source:

How to Test React Components using Jest and Enzyme

I’ve made a simple search app which calls to the Guardian API to retrieve articles and display the results to the user. First I will show you the functional app code, followed by unit tests and then followed by integration tests…. Source:

Understanding Redux: The World’s Easiest Guide to Beginning Redux

This is a comprehensive (but simplified) guide for absolute Redux beginners, or any who wants to re-evaluate their understanding of the fundamental Redux concepts. For an expanded Table of Contents please visit this link, & for more advanced Redux concepts check out my Redux books…. Source:

Cache your React event listeners to improve performance.

An under-appreciated concept in JavaScript is how objects and functions are references, and that directly impacts React performance. If you were to create two functions that are completely identical, they are still not equal. Try for yourself: Objects work the same way…. Source: