React Context API: Managing State with Ease

TL;DR: The React Context API isn’t a new thing on React’s ecosystem. However, the React’s 16.3.0 release brought a lot of improvements to this API. These improvements are so overwhelming that they greatly reduce the need for Redux and other advanced state management libraries…. Source:

How to use external React components in your Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg itself already exposes a lot of components ready to be re-used in our custom blocks. Most of these are located in wp.components and wp.blocks, and they include helpful building blocks for every Gutenberg block: Text Controls, Toggles, Tooltips, Icon Buttons, Tabs, and many many others…. Source:

GraphQL with Apollo for your React & React Native applications

I’m working on a React Native application that lists restaurants around you, their menus which can be drilled down to the topping that you may have on your pizza. The application was using a RESTful API. The API worked just fine without an issue…. Source:

Styling React with Emotion

Out of the box, React allows you to style components directly with the style property. It’s accepts an object of style properties and for most use cases, it’s more than sufficient…. Source:

Three Principles

The state of your whole application is stored in an object tree within a single store. This makes it easy to create universal apps, as the state from your server can be serialized and hydrated into the client with no extra coding effort…. Source:

My first portfolio with React and AWS

Hi! So, I built my first portfolio and thought about documenting the process, but before jumping in, a disclaimer: Phew! Okay, so let’s get to it. Oh, here’s the portfolio… Source: