How to Build a Chat Application using React, Redux, Redux-Saga, and Web Sockets

In this tutorial I’m going to build a basic chat room. Every user that connects to the server is registered upon connection, gets a username, and then can write messages that are broadcast to every connected client. The application is a distributed application built using a Node…. Source:

Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns

Two and a half hours of new (beginner and advanced) React material are now available for free on! I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to what I can call my best work to date: Two new video courses available now on Egghead…. Source:

The most unknown redux performance trick

Regarding optimizing redux, there are some well known techniques: memoizing, using reselect for example. But there is one that remains unknown to many, although it’s simple and very efficient: The connect’s areStatesEqual option…. Source:

9 React Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018

The popularity of React seems to be ever growing. React’s virtual DOM, the ability to declaratively describe a user interface and model the state of that interface, and low barriers to entry for a decent Javascript developer, all make React a great go-to library for building UI’s…. Source:

Static Type Checking

Static type checkers like Flow and TypeScript identify certain types of problems before you even run your code. They can also improve developer workflow by adding features like auto-completion. For this reason, we recommend using Flow or TypeScript instead of PropTypes for larger code bases…. Source:

6 Pro Tips from React Developers

We’ve teamed up with Open SourceCraft to bring you 6 Pro Tips from React Developers. If you’re new to React, you could benefit from learning from the success—and failures—of React developers who’ve learned valuable lessons about the framework…. Source:

Using a React 16 Portal to do something cool

React 16 is here, and one of the more interesting additions is ‘Portals’. Portals let you render a bit of React-controlled DOM outside of the parent component. The React docs explain it nicely, using the example of a modal. It works well for tooltips, too (here’s one I made earlier)…. Source:

A New Way to Handle Events in React

“Property Initializer Syntax” sounds more fancy than it really is. In this bite-sized tutorial see how this alternative way of writing event handlers will help eliminate boilerplate in your constructor and also defend against frivolous memory usage in your renders…. Source: