Complex App Logic With Redux And Redux Saga: Write an Authentication Monitor

A common mistake when writing business logic in web apps is code duplication. If a component needs to fetch user data the first thing that comes to mind is fetching it in the componentDidMount hook. The problem with that is repeating the code in every component that needs the same data…. Source:

Effective Code Splitting in React: A Practical Guide

Large bundle sizes and slow startup is a common problem faced by single-page applications (SPAs), since they typically download all the JavaScript required for every single page of the application right at the start, before rendering a single pixel…. Source:

? downshift 2.0.0 released ?

Even better accessibility, React Native and ReasonReact support, even simpler API, improved docs, new examples site, Flow and TypeScript support, and a new online community ⚛️ I’m excited to let the world know that downshift 2.0.0 has been released! So I’m going to do it now:… Source:

An introduction to Redux and Sagas

Before we dive into redux and sagas, it might be nice to get some background. To quote the readme available over at Let’s try to dig a bit deeper…. Source:

Digging Into React Context

You may have wondered lately what all the buzz is about Context and what it might mean for you and your React sites. Before Context, when the management of state gets complicated beyond the functionality of setState, you likely had to make use of a third party library…. Source:

Cypress: Write Automated Tests to Validate Web Applications

TL;DR: This post is an introduction on using Cypress for writing browser-based automation tests for web applications. This tutorial uses a React application as an example to illustrate the testing framework, but you can apply the learnings to write integration tests for any web application…. Source:

Render Props in React

First, what is a render prop (RP)? You can pass an element directly into a prop and use it in render() which would make the whole thing a RP by name, but generally, when people speak about RPs, they mean the first definition…. Source: