All the Conditional Renderings in React

Conditional rendering in React is no witchcraft. In JSX – the syntax extension used for React – you can use pure JavaScript. In JavaScript you should be familiar with if-else or switch case statements. You can use it in JSX as well, since JSX only mixes HTML and JavaScript…. Source:

A gentle Introduction to React’s Higher Order Components

Another fitting headline for the article could be: learn Higher Order Components with Conditional Rendering in React. Higher order components, or known under the abbreviation HOCs, are often a hard to grasp pattern in React. These components can be used for multiple use cases…. Source:

JavaScript fundamentals before learning React

Follow This month, all articles are sponsored by TRUMPF Laser GmbH. The german company I worked with is using a sophisticated React with GraphQL and .NET tech stack. They are hiring eager developers for their sites in Berlin and Schramberg…. Source:

Getting Started with Component Transitions in Vue

When we build applications, we aim to make them easy on the eye. We want our users to have a smooth experience using it, and to feel our application flowing from one point to another, rather than just jump between screens…. Source:

React Redux Node MongoDB JWT Authentication Example

React Redux Node MongoDB JWT Authentication Example is the today’s leading topic. We use React and Redux for the frontend, Node.js as a platform, express as a web framework and MongoDB as a NoSQL database…. Source:

Operationalizing Node.js for Server Side Rendering

At Airbnb, we have spent years steadily migrating all Frontend code to a consistent architecture where entire web pages are written as a hierarchy of React components hydrated with data from our API. The role Ruby on Rails plays in getting the web to the browser is reduced every day…. Source:

When to break up a component into multiple components

At what point does it make sense to break a single component into multiple components? Did you know that you could write any React Application as a single React Component? There’s absolutely nothing technically stopping React from putting your entire application into one giant component…. Source:

Automate Your Workflow with Node

You know those tedious tasks you have to do at work: Updating configuration files, copying and pasting files, updating Jira tickets. Time adds up after a while. This was very much the case when I worked for an online games company back in 2016…. Source: