Accessibility Testing Tools

There is a sentiment that accessibility isn’t a checklist, meaning that if you’re really trying to make a site accessible, you don’t just get to check some things off a list and call it perfect. The list may be imperfect and worse, it takes the user out of the equation, so it is said…. Source: […]

A free guide to elements

Pinterest lets you prevent people from saving things from your website, according to their help center. The description is optional. Since Chrome 31, you can set up your web app to “app mode” like Safari…. Source:

Saving SVG with Space Around It from Illustrator

Note how the art doesn’t touch the edges of the artboard. Say you want that space around it, and you want to save it as SVG for use on the web. THE CLAW! You’ll see space around here, but unfortunately the classic Save for Web dialog doesn’t export as SVG at all, so that’s not […]