A Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language and runtime that we can use to build and expose APIs as a strongly-typed schema instead of hundreds of REST endpoints. Your clients see the schema. They write a query for what they want. They send it over and get back exactly the data they asked for and nothing more…. […]

Deploy a fullstack Apollo app with Netlify

Apollo makes it easier than ever for product developers to integrate data from any backend into a React app. With new releases like Apollo Server 2.0 that make it super simple to set up a production-ready GraphQL layer, only one question remains: Where do you host your code?… Source: https://blog.apollographql.com/deploy-a-fullstack-apollo-app-with-netlify-45a7dfd51b0b

Layering GraphQL on top of REST

GraphQL is quickly replacing REST as the standard for which data is queried, fetched and transformed between the frontend and backend. And developers are looking to explore and reap its benefits in their brown-field projects…. Source: https://blog.apollographql.com/layering-graphql-on-top-of-rest-569c915083ad

GraphQL with Apollo for your React & React Native applications

I’m working on a React Native application that lists restaurants around you, their menus which can be drilled down to the topping that you may have on your pizza. The application was using a RESTful API. The API worked just fine without an issue…. Source: https://medium.com/@shemseddine/graphql-with-apollo-for-your-react-react-native-applications-58b50190c13d

Introducing GraphQL for Visual Studio Code

At Prisma, we strongly believe that the tools we’re using as developers should not only get the job done, but actually be delightful and fun to use. Therefore, leveraging GraphQL to provide a great developer experience is at the core of our mission…. Source: https://www.prisma.io/blog/vscode-thieghu7shoo/

REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review

Are you building an API? Here is the idea: If you have never heard about the REST architectural style constraints and their implication on the properties of the resulting distributed system and you do not want to (or can’t) educate yourself, use GraphQL…. Source: https://blog.goodapi.co/rest-vs-graphql-a-critical-review-5f77392658e7

Tutorial: How to build a GraphQL server

Apollo is a set of tools for building GraphQL applications, especially suited for building on top of your existing data. There are three main components that you can use to build a production-ready GraphQL app:… Source: https://dev-blog.apollodata.com/tutorial-building-a-graphql-server-cddaa023c035