I have a confession to make… I commit to master.

I used to preach about Git Flow to keep my code releasable, rollback-able, and keep a clean history. But not anymore — now, bad code doesn’t make it into my codebase. This is because I have a robust continuous deployment pipeline, and I want you to have one too…. Source: https://medium.com/@patrickleet/i-have-a-confession-to-make-i-commit-to-master-6a804f334beb

Little Things I Like to Do with Git

The shortlog gives us summaries of git log; the -s flag will suppress commit description and provide a commit count summary only, and the -n flag will sort output according to the number of commits per author instead of author alphabetic order…. Source: https://csswizardry.com/2017/05/little-things-i-like-to-do-with-git/