The Top Countries Where You Can Retire on $150K

These places offer safety, scenery and lower living costs than in the U.S. We count down our picks for the cheapest — and safest — countries for retiring outside the U.S., the places where even $150,000 or less in retirement savings would be enough to live comfortably…. Source:

Want To Cut The Taxes In Your Retirement Money?

Many people investing in retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b) and IRAs don’t fully understand tax-deferred investing. Let’s look at a few of the tax issues related to retirement planning and investing. Short-term tax vs. long-term tax aka capital gains… Source:

The Secret API of Banks

Interacting with bank data often requires customers to trust 3rd-party services with their username and password. What if there were a more secure way? A way to explore transactions in real-time without having to trust anyone…. Source:

6 Tips To Repay Your Student Loans Faster

Shelcy V. Joseph Contributor i #LifeHacks According to Student Loan Hero, Americans owe a whooping $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, spread among 44 million borrowers. The average student loan debt for a 2017 graduate was $39,400—at an undergraduate level…. Source:

Millennials Are Making a Costly Investment Mistake

Millennials think cash is the best long-term investment. Unsurprisingly, they’re not seeing good returns. Almost 1 in 3 millennials said cash instruments, such as savings accounts and certificates of deposit, are the best place to invest money they won’t need for the next 10 years…. Source:

This is one of the best ways to give your kids a head start in life

Every month for more than 15 years, Lois Brayfield automatically contributed $100 to $200 to her sons’ 529 college savings plans. By 2018, one of her sons pointed out that she’d done more than rack up $110,000 of 529 savings — she’d given them a leg on which to stand…. Source: