Create a simple weather app using Node.js, Express, and React

Tired of needing to actually go outside to see what the weather is like? Annoyed of using and just can’t go on without making your own? Probably not if I had to guess. But there’s one certainty; you can learn a thing or two by making things…. Source:

React + Router + Redux and Server Side Rendering

At my work I use React as the primary UI framework, adoption started with the service site, a huge web application (hundreds of screens and dozens of flows and wizards) that allows users and admins to configure the system…. Source:

Using create-react-app with React Router + Express.js

I’m writing this guide because I haven’t found implementations of this setup using the new and cool (and official) create-react-app by Facebook. Suppose you want to start a new project with React.js and because you are a good software developer, you want to use npm, babel and webpack…. Source: