JavaScript ES 2017: Learn Async/Await by Example

ES 2017 introduced Asynchronous functions. Async functions are essentially a cleaner way to work with asynchronous code in JavaScript. In order to understand exactly what these are, and how they work, we first need to understand Promises…. Source:

Quick Tip: Use let with for Loops in JavaScript

The other problem using let and const will fix is with our for loop. First of all, if I type i into the console, it returns 10. We have this global variable that has leaked into the window, or into a parent scope, which is not something we necessarily want…. Source:

JavaScript ES6+: var, let, or const?

Perhaps the most important thing you can learn to be a better coder is to keep things simple. In the context of identifiers, that means that a single identifier should only be used to represent a single concept…. Source:

ES6 let VS const variables

In the last post we learned all about how scoping works with JavaScript let, const and var variables. We now know that var is function scope, and now we know that let and const are block scope, which means any time you’ve got a set of curly brackets you have block scope…. Source: