Pretty Components: Prop-based Styled Components

One of the biggest struggle I go through when working with React is styling. Trends have changed, over and over, but I never had the feeling that libraries out there were really solving the styling problem. Let’s give a look at the very popular css-in-js library, styled-components…. Source:

Radial Gradient Recipes

Radial gradients are pretty dang cool. It’s amazing we can paint the background of an element with them so easily. Easily is a relative term though. It’s certainly easier than needing to create a graphic in third-party software to use as the background, and the syntax is highly learnable…. Source:

Scroll to the Future

This is an interesting read on the current state of scrollbars and how to control their behavior across operating systems and browsers. The post also highlights a bunch of stuff I didn’t know about, like Element.scrollIntoView() and the scroll-behavior CSS property…. Source:

Solved With CSS! Colorizing SVG Backgrounds

CSS is getting increasingly powerful, and with features like CSS grid and custom properties (also known as CSS variables), we’re seeing some really creative solutions emerging. The possibilities are still being explored on what CSS can do to make writing UI’s simpler, and that’s exciting!… Source:

Using Media Queries For Responsive Design In 2018

If you’ve ever made a layout with CSS, you probably know what BFC is. Understanding why it works and how to create one is useful and can help you to understand how layout works in CSS. Read a related article →… Source: