Reduce Technical Debt by Using Unit Tests as Documentation

G. K. Chesterton wrote murder mysteries a century ago, but I wonder what sort of developer he would have been. In one of his books, he described a metaphorical fence or gate that obstructs the way with no discernible purpose…. Source:

Test Driven Development 101 and JS testing

Test Driven Development Cycle TDD Cycle: Write a test case which will obviously fail in the beginning. Do not have more than one failing test case at a time. Implement the simplest algorithm first, then generalise it when you identify some patterns…. Source:

What should we test (ReactJS Components)

There are a lot of discussions in the web when we talk about testing. And even more about unit testing. In React. TL;DRThis is going to be a brief summary of what and how should we think about when we test a ReactJS application…. Source:

The case against React snapshot testing

We’ve been working with React for a few years now here at ezCater, during which time our unit testing story has been steadily evolving. One of the recent strategies we’ve tried out is Jest snapshot testing. Snapshot testing is a popular strategy that we’ve seen in several React repos…. Source:

Debugging JavaScript Projects with VS Code & Chrome Debugger

Debugging JavaScript isn’t the most fun aspect of JavaScript programming, but it’s a vital skill. This article covers two tools that will help you debug JavaScript like a pro. Imagine for a moment that the console.log() function did not exist in JavaScript…. Source:

Cypress: Write Automated Tests to Validate Web Applications

TL;DR: This post is an introduction on using Cypress for writing browser-based automation tests for web applications. This tutorial uses a React application as an example to illustrate the testing framework, but you can apply the learnings to write integration tests for any web application…. Source:

Testing React Apps with Cypress

When I was a junior dev I used to cringe at the thought of testing my apps. Testing is not easy. But with the help of right tools, writing tests can certainly be simpler and more fun…. Source: