An Introduction to WordPress Security

Recent statistics show that over 28% of website administrators across the web use WordPress. With its popularity comes a price – it is often targeted by malicious hackers and spammers, who seek to leverage insecure websites to their advantage…. Source:

Why Narative loves Gatsby

To understand why we love Gatsby you have to understand what we do at Narative. Narative is a digital studio that focuses on creating the best brands and products in the world. Our team works on everything from page based websites to complex web apps…. Source:

Introduction to Haskell ( Why you should learn it if you are a Javascript developer )

Functional programming is getting a lot of buzzes recently with the rise of libraries like ReactJS developers are actually getting to know how much using the functional programming approach and Immutable data structures in javascript can actually improve how we write code for the web…. Source:

Postman announces Newman for API testing

Postman has announced a new command line collection runner dubbed Newman. The open-source tool is designed to run and test Postman Collections directly from the command line. Postman Collections enables developers to group individual requests together and organize them into folders…. Source:

How to make beautiful, simple CLI apps with Node

Channel your inner Sindre Sohrus and ship a beautifully simple CLI app using Node. Command line apps are a neat way to package repetitive tasks. This will walk you through some tools that are useful to build CLI apps…. Source: