Little Things I Like to Do with Git

The shortlog gives us summaries of git log; the -s flag will suppress commit description and provide a commit count summary only, and the -n flag will sort output according to the number of commits per author instead of author alphabetic order…. Source:

Nginx Unit with Docker, PHP, and Laravel

As part of the announced Nginx Platform, Nginx is working on a dynamic web application server, Nginx Unit. Unit supports fully dynamic reconfiguration using a RESTful JSON API, supports multiple application languages and versions can run simultaneously…. Source:


The following setup will get WordPress running locally on your machine, along with the WordPress plugins you’ll need to create and serve custom data via the WP REST API. Note: This environment has only been tested under OS X…. Source:

The end of Framework Churn

Framework Churn: that breakneck pace of creation and abandonment that plagues the JavaScript community. Here one day, out the next. Hot today, obsolete in a year. Number one loved on the Hacker News frontpage, now number one hated on the Hacker News comments…. Source: